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About American Recovery Specialists

American Recovery Specialists is the largest Repossession & Investigation agency in the State of Florida capable of securing a wide-range of collateral in nearly every corner of the state. We recover consumer, commercial, and recreational vehicles. American Recovery Specialists has been covering the State of Florida for 28+ years. Our mission is to protect and serve our clients by quickly and efficiently recovering their collateral at a reasonable cost.

We currently have 6 offices located throughout the state - Miami/Ft Lauderdale, Lighthouse Point (Corporate), Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Ft Myers. Our footprint on the Sunshine State insures that no other recovery agency in Florida will be able to provide you the level of service or expanded coverage that American Recovery Specialists of Florida can provide.

American Recovery Specialists is committed to providing excellent customer service with the highest level of professionalism. We offer state of the art equipment and technology that provides up to the minute updating on your accounts through RDN. Other services include: on-site locksmiths, transporting services and a standardized fee schedule throughout the entire state. As added value, we have vehicles that are outfitted with the latest DRN/LPR camera systems which can provide our clients with digital recognition and high speed tag capture on their collateral previously deemed unrecoverable.

To achieve success for our clients, we employ a comprehensive approach to professional training for all agents in: Field Recovery Procedures, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), FDCPA and all State and Federal laws. We are dedicated to our continuing education program that focuses on areas such as Ethics, Professional Conduct, Defensive Driving and Safety. We continually make significant investments in equipment and personnel to prepare us for the future.

Ron Keys, President
Ron Keys

Competitive Advantages

We offer many compelling competitive
advantages such as a strong financial
position, an excellent management team,
state-of-the-art equipment, maximum territory coverage, a superior recovery staff and multiple office locations for specialized regional knowledge.

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